Our services

Treatments are customised based on your needs and agreed plan. Everyone is different and have their own unique aesthetic goals. Below is an indicative pricing only.

PRP & Plasma Fillers - starting from £199

Radio Frequency Microneedling- starting from £199

Mole and Tag Removal- starting from £70

Fat Dissolving Injections - from £199

Chemical peels - starting from £60

PRP Joint Injections - from £199

Antiwrinkle Injections - starting from £90

Our Signature Treatments

Most of our signature treatments listed below are a combination of treatment modalities personalised for you, so that they work synergistically and their benefits stack upon each other, enhancing the overall effects. Some people may have migrated fat pads, others have overactive muscles or thinning of collagen in the dermal layers, or dehydration and pigmentation of skin surface or a combination of those. Your therapist will identify your needs and discuss with you to create a plan for achieving that perfect natural look. Usually it takes a few sessions as it is more of an artwork and treatments are gradually refined to create a perfect shape.

Feel free to discuss with your clinician what signature treatment/s would work best for you. There are usually discounted packages available for a combination treatment.

My Perfect Eyes

My Perfect Lips

Plasma Glow

My Perfect Hair